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Featured content on AutomationWorld.com, as referenced in the January 2011 print edition.

Control Systems Integrators Association
Podcast Bytes: Bob Lowe on CSIA Certification
In this podcast interview, approximately 15 minutes long , Bob Lowe, executive director of the Control System Integrators Association, speaks with Managing Editor Wes Iversen about why CSIA certification is important to end-users. Visit http://bit.ly/awpod_015.

Mintchell Video Report: SPS/Drives 2010 Recap
Gary Mintchell, Editor in Chief, provides a video report on the SPS/Drives show in Nuremberg, Nov. 22-24, 2010. The theme at the show was safety PLCs and networking, with a major emphasis on Industrial Ethernet. The video includes major company product announcements. Visit http://bit.ly/awvid_015.

Featured White Paper
OPC: The Every Man’s Guide to OPC
While different industries often use different specialized devices, control systems and applications, they all share a common, rapidly growing challenge—how to share data with all these components and the rest of the enterprise. Visit http://bit.ly/awwp_015.

Real-Time Industrial Ethernet
On-Demand Webcast: Building a Real-Time Ethernet Network
This free Webcast provides information on how to make sure your next industrial Ethernet-based system has the proper balance of determinism, synchronization, price-point and integration to existing networks. Visit http://bit.ly/awcast_017.

On-Demand Webcast: Functional Safety—What It Is, Why It’s Important and How To Comply
For functional safety compliance, manufacturers must consider their systems as a whole, and the environment with which they interact. A functional safety assessment determines whether your systems meet the standards and requirements created to protect against potential risks. Visit http://bit.ly/awcast_018.

Automation Innovation – Past Issues
Automation World Readers Voice Innovation Needs and Concerns
Automation World conducted an Internet survey asking readers about their feelings regarding automation innovation. Almost 100 responded, sharing insights, concerns and their outlook for the future. Visit http://bit.ly/awfeature_015.
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