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Asset Reliability

As we head into winter, signs of improving economic indicators have businesses more confident, but increased worker productivity also adds to that feeling.

U.S. worker productivity rose by 3.5 percent during the global recession of 2009. That’s the biggest percentage increase since 2003. Productivity is one of the many issues related to November’s focus on reliability and asset availability. For instance, can operators take more ownership of their equipment and rely less on maintenance engineers? The more nimble and smarter companies are saying yes.

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Grant Gerke
Digital Managing Editor

2010 Fall Conference Coverage:
Catch up on Automation World's conference coverage for Emerson Exchange,, and Invensys OpsManage’10,

Topic – Conferences
Mintchell Video Report: Fall Conference Buzz
Gary Mintchell, Editor in Chief, discusses the latest automation conferences, including ISA’s Automation Week, Emerson Exchange, Invensys Operation Management’s OpsManage’10 conference and a glimpse of the Rockwell Process Systems Users Group and Automation Fair. Visit

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Video: OpsManage’10: Virtual Reality Plant Software
Wes Iversen, Managing Editor, reports from the OpsManage’10 conference and talks with Howard Jemison and Dan Wilburs. They provide a demo of the EyeSim Immersive Virtual Reality Training addition and an iPad application that monitors the location of plant operators. Visit

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Podcast Bytes: OpsManage’10: New PAC System
In this podcast interview, recorded on Oct. 19, 2010, at the OpsManage’10 conference in Orlando, Automation World Managing Editor Wes Iversen speaks with Bob Postlethwaite, Marketing Director at Invensys Operations Management, about the new Foxboro Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) System introduced at the event.

Podcast: Interview with Rune Reppenhagen at Emerson Exchange 2010
Gary Mintchell, Editor in Chief, sits down with Rune Reppenhagen, Emerson Process Management DeltaV Brand Manager at the Emerson Global Users Exchange 2010 in San Antonio. Gary talks with Rune about DeltaV announcements and presentations at the conference.
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