Building a Safe Packaging Machine

Sept. 3, 2010
Safety tops the list of important design factors for an increasing number of manufacturing managers.
They realize that building a safe machine is just the tip of the iceberg. No manager wants to see a headline in the national press about a safety incident. No manager wants to deal with the grief of family members after a devastating incident. As important as these things are, there are other benefits derived when engineers design safe machines. Over the past decade, functional safety has gained popularity with engineers. Instead of just putting barriers up to prevent intrusions into dangerous areas, designers have started to look at every motion and action of the machine. These thorough analyses not only provide ideas for building in safety, they also build in reliability and efficiency. The result is a better overall packaging machine.Automation World will be at Pack Expo in Chicago’s McCormick Place Oct. 31-Nov. 3. Look us up while you are there.

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