What's Hot in 2010 on AutomationWorld.com

With the temperature heading upward in July, we decided to see what content is hot on AutomationWorld.com.

Based on 2010 page views through June 30, we have provided our Top 5 lists for news, features, technology primers and products in the section below. From the lists, security and energy appear to be among the “hottest” topics at this point; stay tuned for more articles on these subjects in the print and online editions of Automation World.
And check back here each month for at least one Top 5 list from the previous month!

Grant Gerke
Digital Managing Editor

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NEW! Podcast Bytes: Using SAP’s Cloud-based ERP
SAP announced recently that its cloud-based ERP system known as Business ByDesign will be released in July as a “volume-ready product.” Excel Polymers, a Solon, Ohio-based manufacturer, is one of about 100 companies that are already using Business ByDesign. In this podcast interview, recorded on June 10, 2010, Excel Chief Information Officer Steve Lubowicz talks with Automation World Managing Editor Wes Iversen about the company’s experience using BBD. Visit www.automationworld.com/podcast-7197.

NEW! Podcast Bytes: Automation Summit 2010
Raj Batra, President of the Industry Automation Division of Siemens Industry Inc., took some time out during this year’s 2010 Siemens Automation Summit to speak with Automation World Managing Editor Wes Iversen. Visit www.automationworld.com/podcast-7192.

VIDEO: www.automationworld.com/videos
Mintchell Video Report: Sustainable Manufacturing.
Gary Mintchell, Editor in Chief, discusses power and energy in this update on sustainable manufacturing as a corporate strategy. Visit www.automationworld.com/video-6786.
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