Can I Tweet a White Paper?

June 4, 2010
Well, the answer is no.
At 140 characters per tweet, you may be able to order a cup of coffee at Starbucks, but it’s not enough for a thorough technology explanation via a White Paper. I bring it up because after a review of content on over the last two years, the White Paper is the number one Web-based resource on our site.And one of the great things about our White Papers on, is that we can deliver them to your desktop via RSS feeds. Visit and click on the White Paper button to subscribe. Pick your reader (Google Reader is excellent) and voila, new White Papers. Enjoy.Content-A-Go-GoAs mentioned last month, the user group events are in full swing and announcements are coming fast and furious. is the place find news first. Also visit Gary Mintchell’s Feed Forward blog,, for news, and our video page, There you’ll find on-location video reports of user conferences and other automation events.Grant GerkeDigital Managing EditorThe TOP FIVE Stories on in May, based on page views:1.Making Safety a Habit Throughout Your Organization( Reports New Findings on Alarm Rates( Windows 7 is Not Vista( Acquires Ventyx( Packaging-line Productivity( us on Twitter!
WHITE our White Paper library and find new White Papers. The list below shows the most recent five: 1.The Advantages of Plant-Wide Historians vs. Relational Databases2.Improving Traceability in Food & Beverage Manufacturing3.Reduce Your HMI/SCADA Systems Vulnerability4.Integrating Next Generation Motion Control with PACs5.Go Lean with Electronic Work InstructionsNEW! Podcast Bytes: What’s New in SAP Applications for ManufacturingIn this podcast interview, Automation World Managing Editor Wes Iversen speaks with SAP Vice President Vivek Bapat about the latest enhancements in SAP software designed for use by manufacturers. Visit! Podcast Bytes: Robot Market TrendsRecorded on April 21, 2010, at the ABB Robotics Technology Days in Auburn Hills, Mich., Managing Editor Wes Iversen discusses the market environment and the outlook for robotics with Joe Campbell, ABB Robotics vice president, sales and marketing. Visit! WEBCASTS Webcast: Wired vs. Wireless NetworkingTune into this June 24 Webcast to learn about the differences and tradeoffs between wired Ethernet and wireless communication protocols such as IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4. Join Moderator Gary Mintchell, Automation World Editor in Chief, as he engages automation experts in this free one-hour Web seminar. Gear Blog: Stay on top of product trends by visiting the Automation Gear Blog at Automation World editors home in on subtle product innovations that could affect your business’s bottom line. Find Automation Gear blog via our home page or subscribe to the Gear’s RSS feed, Video Report:Sustainable ManufacturingGary Mintchell, Editor in Chief, discusses power and energy in this update on sustainable manufacturing as a corporate strategy. Visit