Clean Manufacturing Stimulates Green Economy

April 8, 2010
Economic growth demands energy in great quantity, while keeping damage to the environment to a minimum.
This engenders opportunities for a change of approach and for greater attention to available resources and to how they are used. It is a need, which has come to be fully acknowledged not only by those responsible for establishing environmental policy but also by economists and entrepreneurs.Hence the emphasis laid on so-called clean technologies, which ensure low pollutant emissions, allow reducing environmental impact and, at the same time, pave the way for the launch of new products, while boosting the economy through ongoing research.Thanks to their ingenuity and flexibility, Italian companies have asserted themselves as authoritative players in a field which has come to be known as the green economy.The Italian Trade Commission – ITC offers a reference point for these companies.The importance of manufacturing in our country’s tradition is a known fact, but not everyone is aware of the prominent role held by Italian machinery manufacturers and leading-edge know-how in the realm of new technologies.Visitors to fairs in which the ITC participates can see for themselves the many innovations, which Italian industry has to offer, along with its groundbreaking achievements in terms of cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, reduction of noise pollution and use of alternative energy sources.