Turning Innovation into Responsibility

Sept. 17, 2009
Italian machinery manufacturing industries relay the message that quality and collaboration are key components of success.

The latest issue of Machines Italia examines successful business practices both within Italy and North America. Italian technology is the central theme of Machines Italia, illustrating how local manufacturers here employ Italian innovation to achieve sustainable, responsible production solutions.

Initially, we look at the need to collaborate, part of every company’s road to success. Italian companies are environmentally aware (green), efficiently productive (lean) and committed to the responsible use of resources (sustainable). These examples are illustrated through the articles published in this issue.

The News section includes stories of Italian investment in North America. The feature articles look at the disciplines of green (the environment and how to protect it); lean (the rules and guidelines to streamline business processes to eliminate waste); and sustainability (a commitment to be more eco-friendly in the production process).

Also presented are results from an exclusive Automation World survey of more than 200 manufacturers who buy, specify and recommend machinery and equipment purchases. It reveals that quality and reliability are the top challenges facing manufacturers today, who look to innovative machinery, such as that provided by Italian manufacturers, to lower production costs and improve product quality.

This summer, the Italian Trade Commission sponsored a small group of editors who toured Italian companies in a variety of industries. One of these editors, Gary Mintchell, editor in chief of Automation World, our publishing partner on Machines Italia, contributed three Field Reports of some highlights from this tour.

The Italian Trade Commission works with 14 professional associations and organizations that represent major Italian machinery manufacturing industries. These groups and their member companies support Italian manufacturing, which plays a significant role in maintaining the flow of goods and services throughout the world.

For example, every fourth piece of packaging equipment worldwide bears the words, “Made in Italy.” Big machinery (machine tools), smaller equipment (lacemakers), printing presses and companies that supply automotive, aerospace and other complex industries are also included in the mix of Italian manufacturing and machinery suppliers.

In a period of financial turmoil, the value provided through practices such as green, lean, and sustainable manufacturing reflect an increasing commitment to manufacturing responsibility, efficiently creating the best products, as well as taking care to respect the environment and to appreciate its resources.  

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