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Wastewater Treatment Sensing

New process instrumentation from Electric-Chemical Devices combines a multi-channel digital controller with a fluorescence quenching sensing element to create the Triton DO8 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer System.

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Designed for the harsh municipal and industrial water treatment environments, the fluorescence quenching method enables the sensor to determine oxygen concentration in water.

The instrument uses a circular layer of optically-active, oxygen-sensitive molecules and integrates it into an easily replaceable cap. This durable layer is highly permeable to oxygen and rapidly equilibrates to its surroundings. The cap aligns the optically-active fluorescence layer above the two optical components inside the sensor--an emitter and a detector.

After the sensor emitter flashes a green light at the layer, the layer fluoresces back a red light. The duration and intensity of the fluorescence are directly dependent on the amount of oxygen in the layer. The presence of more oxygen quenches (reduces) the fluorescence effect.

The DO8 sensor can withstand ambient temperatures from -20 to 60 deg C (0-140 deg F), records measurements at temperatures from -5 to 50 deg C(20-120 deg F) and can endure pressures up to a maximum of 10 bar (145 psi).

The digital controller features multi-bus architecture and provides up to four sensor inputs, six outputs and six relays.  

Electro-Chemical Devices
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