Printer configuration utility

April 15, 2010
Deploying and configuring networked equipment can still be a painstaking and painful effort.

Reaching over the network to conveniently configure printers speeds the task.

SATO, a supplier of automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) ,barcode printing, labeling, and EPC/RFID solutions, has launched an All-In-One printer management utility that enables users to seamlessly configure all of their SATO products across their system-wide infrastructure.

The SATO All-In-One tool is designed to provide an easy way to configure SATO printers based on the user‚ requirements, and access local or networked SATO printers regardless of how they are connected (parallel, serial, USB, Ethernet, or wireless). This one-stop configuration tool requires that any Microsoft Windows based-PC be connected to the user's network or any standalone Windows PC environment.

Features of the SATO All-In-One include:

  •     Management of SATO printers across networks via Auto-Discover or through manual entry
  •     Access to downloads for printer-specific settings and firmware to a single SATO printer or system-wide broadcast to similar printer types
  •     Ability to download custom fonts and graphics to printer memory which enhances throughput and optimizes print strings while reducing network traffic
  •     Capability to diagnose and download custom commands and view printer responses to help debug and speed up custom software development for easier integration
  •     Option to use the multi-lingual display to configure the SATO printers if English is not the user's first language
  •     Connection via standard interface types such as LAN, WLAN, USB, Serial, or Parallel
  •     Visibility of all SATO printers from one central site regardless of the SATO printer model or location
"The benefits of the SATO All-In-One tool are obvious," said Gary Krause, director of marketing at SATO America. "SATO developed the All-In-One utility to simplify printer configuration and deployment for our users and Valued Partners. We consolidated as many of the various software printer utilities as possible into one, integrated application tool that enables users to easily configure, including remote configuration, and control our printers from one location."Currently, the All-In-One utility supports the following SATO printers:
  • CG2/CG4
  • CL4xxe/CL6xxe
  • CT4xxi
  • D5xx Series
  • GT4xxe
  • GL4xxe
  • LM4xxe
  • LT408
  • MB200i/400i
  • M10e
  • M8485Se
  • M84 Pro
  • S84 Series

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