Remote home monitoring

Two Pakastani brothers, Aurangzeb and Zohaib Mufti, have designed a system that allows you to run electonic appliances and security systems at your home while you are traveling.

There is a PC with custom software at your home and you can access remotely via a mobile phone with GPRS technology.

This project was their thesis at the Karachi campus of the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology, and it won first prize in the All Karachi Programming Competition and Project Exhibition. The system enables users to monitor any unusual activity. Suspicious movement detected by the system will activate a loud alarm notifying neighbors and also send a signal to the user. The user can also log on to the Web site and watch live videos of the premises as well as capture pictures. Past activity can be tracked and logged. Users also have control over their electrical appliances, curtains, doors and lights.

They have no Web site yet, but I correspondended with them via email. If interested, let me know.

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