Centers of Automation: USA and Germany

Aug. 1, 2011
Editor’s Note: Publishing a print publication globally is cost-prohibitive, but global automation professionals crave global information. In past pages of Automation World, you have seen contributions from global publications such as Gong Kong magazine of China and Fiera Milano Editore of Italy. Kai Binder and I have discussed this German publication cooperation for several months. Watch for additional information as we build a global automation information network. —Gary Mintchell

The USA and Germany are leading nations in the field of automation. Both countries have a lot of automation providers and, at the same time, each represents one of the largest markets for automation worldwide. Each contains machinery and plant manufacturing—traditional industries with innovative companies on either side of the Atlantic, which have been global for a very long time. This is one of the main reasons we were convinced of the importance of regular information exchange between our two countries.

The cooperation of the leading magazines for automation in both countries, Automation World and SPS Magazin (SPS means PLC in German), is a logical next step. In the future, we will cooperate in many ways. This column is a beginning and concomitantly the first column of Gary Mintchell is being published in the latest issue of SPS Magazin. In addition, many other arrangements are planned—you’ll be surprised.

We will talk about technology, market development and trends as our editorial staff sees the European market. It will be exciting to take a look at the similarities and differences in the development. But at first I want to introduce our magazine.

Since 1988 SPS Magazin has been the most important source concerning electrical automation in the German market. It covers all topics important to manufacturing and process automation. From PLC and propulsion technology, communication technologies, sensor technology to software. Besides automation, many other titles have evolved from SPS Magazin dealing with industrial Ethernet, building automation and renewable energies. SPS Magazin also offers extensive market overviews—with more than 10,000 products. This is unique throughout Germany, possibly worldwide.

My name is Martin Buchwitz and I became chief editor of SPS Magazin in April this year. Together with another chief editor, Kai Binder, I work at the editorial advancement of this successful magazine for automation. Control technology, engineering and communication technologies are my main topics. This is probably due to my past at Jetter, a notable company in Germany where I worked as head of marketing and communication for many years.

We’re absolutely looking forward to work together with Automation World and are very excited about the upcoming exchange in matters of automation between the United States and Germany.

Martin Buchwitz and Kai Binder are chief editors of SPS Magazin (

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