Motor Control Motherboard

July 20, 2011
EPOS2 36/2 multi-axis motor control motherboard for product and system development.

As end users increasingly request intelligent control applications, OEMs are faced with imbuing more multi-axis capabilities into their products.  Historically, this multi-axis configuration task occurred using a motherboard/daughterboard array. The downside was that daughterboards, while providing design flexibility, required custom wiring solutions – an expensive and time-consuming step.

To address this issue, Maxon Motors has developed the new EPOS2 36/2 motherboards, which enable automation designers to build either a standalone multi-axis motor controller or one that can be integrated into the final product as a sub-board.

With 11 nodes connected via CAN-Open, the snap apart construction of the EPOS2 36/2 allows for multi-axis customization on a single board. Each node mates with an individual EPOS2 36/2 drive/controller and provides connection points using standard cables. Two digital inputs and one digital output are mapped on the board with an additional I/O expansion module as an option. USB and RS232 communication modules are available for those who prefer not to use CAN.

Functionalities of the EPOS 2 motor speed, torque and position controller with multi-axis motherboard include:

 Speed and position feed forward control. 
 PVT - Interpolated Position Mode. The controller is capable of synchronously running a coordinated multi-axis path dictated by interpolating points.
 Step and Direction. Implemented for replacing stepper motors with highly dynamic brushless DC motors.
 Point-to-point motor position control. The CANopen profile position mode moves the position of the motor from point A to point B. The motor position is relative to the absolute home position or the axis relative position.
 Torque control. Sinusoidal motor control resulting in a minimum torque ripple.
 Electronic gearing. Using an external encoder as a master, multiple motors can be synchronized with a user input software gearing factor.
 Motor holding brake control.
 Position compare and position mark. Save and sending of digital signal (trigger and capture).
 Dual loop speed and position control. Precision motor control with load mounted high-resolution SSI absolute and incremental encoders.

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