Customized Front Panel Service

Feb. 18, 2011
Pentair Technical Products announces the Schroff brand Front Panel Express service, offering fast prototypes-to-production cycle time.
Through the Front Panel Express program, 5 to 50 front panels modified with custom cut-outs, handles and silk screen are available in as few as 5 days.The Schroff brand includes a broad range of front panel products to meet versatile application requirements, including AdvancedTCA® front panels designed to system specifications and a new AdvancedTCA IEA handle that provides a unique snap-locking action when actuated. AdvancedMC™ front panels that include the next generation hot-swap latch and support Quad or Tri light pipe configurations are also available. Advanced customization services for all front panel product lines include cut-outs, screen printing and assembly services.Products are available through Front Panel Express to support the following systems:• CompactPCI®• VME• VME64x• AdvancedTCA®• AdvancedMC™• PMC"Pentair Technical Products Schroff brand is uniquely positioned to support custom front panel needs from any industry," said Joseph Gomes, Value Stream Manager for Pentair Technical Products. "With many high-speed CAD/CAM milling work centers, plating and silk-screen capabilities, as well as global leader expertise in electronic packaging design, front panels and accessories, Schroff brand products solve design problems, allowing businesses to get up and running—fast."Features of Front Panel Express that make it particularly convenient and beneficial include:• Provides fast prototype-to-production cycle times—shipped in as few as five days • Includes a broad range of rugged front panel products• Offers versatile customization services, including cut-outs, screen printing and assembly• Provides local and global design and product support• Features design and engineering technical assistance (Pro-E, SDRC, AUTOCAD and SolidWorks)Pentair Technical Products -

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