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Partnership Created to Delivery Energy Data

Like a school, when commercial and industrial businesses are trying to cut back energy costs, they need details that just don't appear on a utility bill.

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So we've partnered with Pulse Energy of Vancouver, Canada, to give facilities managers that detailed data. Pulse, famous for tracking energy consumption at key sites for the 2010 Olympic Games, makes it easy to see your energy usage.

Here's how it works: our OptoEMU Sensor connects to utility meters, panels, and machines, monitoring usage in real time. The Sensor then sends energy data to Pulse, using a standard wired or wireless Ethernet network.

Pulse collects, analyzes, and presents the data online, so you can see it from any authorized computer with an Internet connection. The Pulse Analytics Engine learns how buildings behave under a wide range of conditions and immediately alerts you about problems. And all energy data is reported and saved for future reference.

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