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Webinar on Cyber Security in Control Applications

As recent news reports about the Stuxnet worm demonstrate, cyber attacks are a growing threat to industrial networks.


Engineers can learn critical steps for protecting their control system by watching Phoenix Contact's new on-demand webinar, "Securing Your Industrial Network."

"Until recently, many control engineers have been skeptical or reluctant to believe a cyber attack could affect their system," said Dan Schaffer, Phoenix Contact's industrial security specialist. "As office networks and industrial networks become more interconnected, however, the industrial side is more vulnerable to viruses, worms, broadcast storms and so on. Control engineers and plant managers need to learn how to better protect their equipment and mitigate these threats."

The webinar discusses the increasing importance of cyber security in the industrial world, and how a defense-in-depth solution, such as Phoenix Contact's FL mGuard, can protect an industrial network. The mGuard has firewall, routing and virtual private network (VPN) functions designed for use in an industrial environment.

The presentation reviews recent industrial security incidents, including the spread of the Stuxnet worm, which gained widespread notoriety in July. Stuxnet is the first known virus designed explicitly to target a control platform, specifically the Siemens WinCC and Simatic software. Stuxnet spreads through USB sticks and network shares, the latter of which the mGuard's stateful firewall can prevent.

To watch the webinar and download a copy of "Hacking the Industrial Network" white paper, visit: . The free download requires registration.

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