SmartGlance: Software as a Service (SAAS)

The numbers are making it hard for you to sleep at night. But right around bed-time, your phone rings-it's your work cell on the line. Everything is at 88 percent OEE, and that continues the trend it phoned you about a few hours earlier, when it had risen to 82. Time for some restful slumber.

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Operations management of the future? Not really, when the new SmartGlance™ Software as a service (SAAS) smart phone app can be seen in EXPO booth W8-C.

SmartGlance delivers industrial and manufacturing intelligence data, archived in plant automation systems and data stores, to smart phones, including Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Blackberry, and soon, Android models. The SmartGlance solution will be offered as part of an endorsed partner agreement that Invensys Operations Management has signed with Sarla Analytics, an innovative supplier of smart phone applications focused on business intelligence.

The new SaaS offering will be hosted at a secure SmartGlance data center that minimizes the need for customers to allocate local IT support and maintenance. Invensys Operations Management will supply data connectors that enable data stored in its Wonderware Historian and other products to be included in SmartGlance reports and analytics.

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"SmartGlance is an outgrowth of the collaboration possible in our Partner Ecosystem," said Bimal Mehta, Director, Industry Applications Management at Invensys Operations Management. "Under the InFusion ECS platform, it brings together data and information from a wide range of sources-Wonderware data, information from ECS systems, energy management, controllers, basically anything you want to have delivered to you on a smart phone. Currently, Historian is available, and the others will follow before the end of the year."

The native SmartGlance phone application, which can be downloaded from the Sarla store similarly to any other phone app, takes full advantage of the many powerful display features of touchscreen-based smart phones. Interactive tabular reports, along with trends, bar charts and pie charts, can be manipulated easily, allowing extensive data drill down capabilities. Users can even issue or share reports with co-workers via e-mail, enhancing real-time collaboration and effectively adding enterprise control capability to smart phones.

The reports are generated and sent to phones either on demand or automatically, and the robust Sarla SmartGlance application has three layers of security to keep important company data protected at all times

Mehta added, "One key benefit is that you can obtain information quickly. There's no need to fire up a computer and wait for the OS to boot, or launch a browser. Your data telephones you, or you phone your data, and either way, you're looking at what you want to see almost instantly. You have complete control on when data is pushed to you, whether that is at the beginning of a shift, daily, hour by hour, or as often as you need it."

"Having timely data available anywhere at any time can accelerate decision making and improve plant performance," said Snehal Shah, chief executive officer, Sarla Analytics. "We are excited to partner with Invensys because we share a vision for the mobile enterprise to drive operational excellence and enable the power of real-time response. Mobility lets you transcend distance and connectivity issues, create a virtual, personalized space for collaboration and empower users to make better, faster, smarter decisions anywhere, anytime."

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