White Paper: Overview & Design of Data Center Cabinets

Pentair Technical Products announces an Overview & Design of Data Center Cabinets white paper which can now be requested from the Hoffman web site.

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Featuring 28 pages of data center trends, equipment overviews, configuration options and design factors, this comprehensive white paper delivers essential information to data center designers on the most efficient and cost-effective power and cooling solutions.

Featuring an easy-to-read layout and numerous images and graphics, the Overview & Design of Data Center Cabinets white paper is divided into four sections:

  • Power & Cooling Overview: Details the impact of numerous factors on cabinet designs—from determining the amount of heat generated to using T and CFM to dissipate excess heat

  • Overview & Discussion: Describes server technology improvements and the need for more efficient cooling

  • Cabinet Configurations: Provides an overview of the continuum of cooling—ranging from simple and inexpensive to complex and more expensive solutions

  • Best Practices: Offers useful tips on data center cabinet structure, design and installation to improve cooling efficiency

"In today’s technology-dependent world, a reliably operating data center is critical for small and large businesses alike," said Brian Mordick, Senior Product Manager. "In fact, almost all aspects of business revolve around the need to process, access and communicate information—the key objective of networking systems." Mordick adds, "By exploring different cabinet configurations and critical design factors, the Overview & Design of Data Center Cabinets white paper guides users through data center equipment selection and design to ensure delivery of sufficient cooling to maintain properly running network systems."

Key items available in the white paper include:

  • Colored charts detail recent product heat density trends

  • T and airflow (CFM) section explains how these two factors relate to cooling (in watts).

  • Savings chart represents typical savings of varying data center activities in terms of annual power cost and annual savings

  • Continuum of cooling graph and information categorizes different cabinets—from simple passive to integrated—by the amount of cooling they deliver

  • Graphs show typical airflow in various cabinet configurations
  • Cable management tips include potential negative effects of poor management and instruction on how to attain good cable management with proper structure

Visit hoffmanonline.com/datacenter to request a complimentary print copy of the Pentair Technical Products Overview & Design of Data Center Cabinets white paper.

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