Byres Security Garners Award

Based on its recent analysis of the industrial network security solutions market, Frost & Sullivan recently recognized Byres Security Inc. (, Lantzville, British Columbia, Canada, with the 2010 World Customer Value Enhancement Award in Industrial Network Security Solutions.

Unlike many awards offered in a variety of industries, consideration for this award was not self-nomination by clients. It resulted from a detailed investigation of the industrial landscape.

According to the Frost & Sullivan release, “The industrial network security market has been growing significantly to combat rising malware attacks and industrial network intrusions in the industrial environment. End-users are well aware that such security accidents can shut down the plant operations in a few seconds, create environmental and safety risks, and significantly damage the company’s reputation, which induces them to protect their network infrastructure. The need for adopting such security solutions is also driven by stringent government regulations and industry standards being imposed upon the diverse end-user verticals to mitigate the risks associated with security incidents, as well as improve overall system reliability and prevention of network-related accidents.”

Control systems partners

Frost and Sullivan’s investigation indicated that Byres Security’s flagship product, the Tofino Industrial Security Solution, addresses industry challenges. “The company’s ability to offer a complete industrial network security solution that can be customized not only for various plant network infrastructures but also across diverse end-user vertical requirements has ensured it consistent market growth,” the report concluded. Leading control system vendors such as Honeywell, Hirschmann, Invensys and MTL Instruments continue to partner with Byres Security to develop customized industrial network security solutions.

Byres Security’s solutions are designed to help end-users meet changing government security regulations and industry standards. Working in tandem with the leading control system vendors to develop customized, robust security solutions illustrates the company’s commitment to innovate and develop advanced security products and services on an ongoing basis. For instance, Honeywell has introduced the Modbus TCP Firewall product based on the Tofino security technology and Invensys has introduced the Triconex Tofino Firewall to secure communications based on the OPC Classic open communication standard.

Byres Security Inc.

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