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Transaction Module Migrated ABB Bailey DCS to Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk View

cATM-BLY90 appliance transaction modules makes it easier to migrate legacy ABB Bailey Infi90 or Network 90 DCS (Distributed Control System) to ControlLogix PACs and FactoryTalk View applications from Rockwell Automation.

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The module installs in the ControlLogix chassis and features a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to simplify the exchange of data between the DCS and the ControlLogix PAC.

The cATM-BLY90 enables phased migration of ABB Bailey DCS consoles to minimize costs, risks and complexities. Once Bailey Infi90 or Network 90 system data is available within a ControlLogix PAC, Rockwell Automation applications such as FactoryTalk View SE can be used for visualization of the data, alarming, and other functions. The cATM-BLY90 leverages the benefits of being an automation appliance, making it simple to install without lengthy programming. Just simple configuration of the information to be exchanged is required to improve startup times. Since these devices are not PC-based, there is little threat of viruses or hackers disrupting their operation.

cATM-BLY90 modules do not require any hardware or software changes to installed ABB Bailey Infi90 or Network 90 DCS. These modules support all existing DCS block functions including exception reporting, supervisory control and system status monitoring. Each module is capable of processing up to 5,000 blocks of data. The cATM-BLY90 connects to the Bailey system through an ABB Bailey CIU interface.

"With the increased focus on return on assets (ROA) and Operational Excellence (OpX), users must find ways to effectively migrate from one generation of control system to the next, whether it is from the installed supplier or a competitor," according to Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group. "Online Development’s cATM-BLY90 modules offer users a simplified range of migration options, helping those users to develop a migration strategy that best supports their business requirements."

For more information about cATM-BLY 90 module, visit Online Development's website at

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