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Agrati solutions offer North American manufacturers strong energy savings

Agrati-AEE Srl (, a leading company in pressure die-casting and the design and construction of machines for die-casting aluminum, Zama alloy and magnesium, is redefining the concept of its machines with the new Energy Saving range, a flexible and technologically advanced solution.

The company’s 50-ton hot chamber machine illustrates its philosophy, which is based on the quality of Italian products to provide high levels of productivity and energy savings.

Agrati serves a worldwide base, but production is Italian with machines built and assembled in the Zingonia (Bergamo) plant, where HC 50 Energy Saving was built -- an innovation in pressure die-casting. It reduces energy consumption (electricity) and resources (water) by 50 percent compared to traditional models.

Even in a challenging economy, the company is dedicated to innovation, investing resources in projects that produce energy savings and reduce environmental impact and consumption levels. HC 50 Energy Saving is a hot chamber die-casting machine consisting of a press with a 52-ton maximum closing force, a 6.3-ton injection force, and a 4.4-ton central extraction force.


“For the first time in the die-casting sector, this type of machine has been equipped with the complete motor-pump-inverter system in a closed speed and pressure ring supplied by Rexroth” explains Angelo Masiero, head of Plastics at Bosch Rexroth S.p.A. ( “Similar solutions, with a motor-pump-inverter in a closed ring, have been around for some years, but are usually applied to medium-large tonnage machines with average-long cycle times. Rexroth’s innovation is to apply this technology to shorter cycle times, even of less than 10 seconds. Up to now, energy savings on smaller machines weren’t even considered, as they weren’t thought to be effective on fast cycles: this application, however, has demonstrated that very possibility.”

Apart from the advantage in energy savings, there is an increase in productivity. Because of the solution based on a synchronous motor with variable rpm and a single hydrostatic unit, higher speeds are obtained compared to traditional machines that use two hydrostatic units and an asynchronous motor with constant rpm.

The technology even produces savings in the quantity of conditioning water, as the hydrostatic unit and synchronous motor enable the use of a variable rpm ranging from an average minimum of 20/50 rpm to a maximum of 3,000 rpm, according to forming needs, without any waste that would be conditioned.

With incandescent open flame objects, the machines work with glycol water. These systems must work with lower temperatures compared with mineral oil. The machine works longer before arriving at a temperature where the conditioning system needs to be used, with a lower level of energy dissipation in the tank, reducing use of cooling water, another resource saving.

The Agrati press offers a reduction in general consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, plus an increase in production-cycle speed.

“The choice of Bosch Rexroth is undoubtedly linked to the quality of its products, which must have a long lifespan and be reliable, but also to the fact that the most winning strategy nowadays is that of creating solutions with a single supplier,” says Agrati director Vittorio Rovaris. “We’ve been collaborating with Bosch Rexroth for many years now, but in this specific case we met at precisely the right time: we were looking for energy saving solutions and Rexroth had just defined this complete motor-pump-inverter package that fully satisfied all our design needs.”

Agrati-AEE Srl

Bosch Rexroth S.p.A.

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