New Media Explosions for 2010?

I received a chance to install a “beta” version of Google’s Chrome browser on our home computer recently—on a Mac platform—and had an “aha” moment after giving it a run-through. Chrome was FAST, loads pages very quickly and it performs Google Search functionality in the URL field. Pretty slick, I recommend.
Anyway, I mention the new browser and wonder what new technology may “explode” and arrive in the business space this year. Social Media became “the” technology last year, and rightly so. Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook drive users—wherever you happen to be—to Web site content. I like Google Wave, an Internet communications platform that merges e-mail, instant messaging, wikis and social networking, but it has a lot of bugs to work out before washing up on workstations as an effective business tool.

Some businesses are looking to create separate Web sites to highlight a certain product line or a specific topic, such as Programmable Automation Controllers. If Social Media has taught us anything, businesses want more “outposts” on the Web and less competitive advertising. One thing is certain; a “moving target” will be the operative phrase for 2010.

Grant Gerke
Digital Managing Editor
p.s. For a recap on Social Media, tune in to this podcast, from Gary Mintchell at the 2009 ISA conference.

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