Uwe Keiter joins OMAC executive committee

With the selection of Uwe Keiter, B&R Global Account Management (B&R Germany), at PackExpo in Las Vegas, the OMAC (Organization for Machine Automation and Control) recognizes the efforts of the automation specialist in the packaging industry.

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Keiter will follow in the footsteps of Markus Sandhöfner from Strategic Business Development, and take over as the representative for technology suppliers in the executive committee of the OMAC Packaging Workgroup (OPW).

Keiter's new task will be to represent the interest of European end customers, machine and automation manufacturers in the executive committee of the largely US-run OMAC. In the process he will be playing a key role in developing and implementing OMAC guidelines. "For many companies in the packaging industry, implementation of OMAC specifications is an important part of developing competitive machine solutions. "With its participation in the OPW, B&R has contributed for years toward the establishment of global technology standards," explains OMAC executive committee member Uwe Keiter. The main tasks for members of the OPW executive committee include approving new guidelines and developing strategies for the packaging industry. Additionally, they also define and review OMAC specifications.

Founded in 1994, today the OMAC Packaging Workgroup provides a valuable platform exchange between technology suppliers in the packaging industry. Around 500 members make the OMAC give the organization world-wide recognition in the area of machine automation and manufacturing.

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