MESA International Expands to Asia-Pacific

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have been receiving significant coverage in the Asia Pacific (APAC) Region as the current cutting edge in manufacturing information systems.

Up till now however, there has been no forum in which to share best practices and discuss the emerging industry.  This is now changing with the creation of a MESA APAC Expansion Committee, together with Working Groups in Australia, China, India, Korea and Singapore.

Who is MESA?
Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International is a worldwide not-for-profit community of manufacturing companies, information technology hardware and software suppliers, system integrators, consulting service providers, analysts, academics and students.  The combined purpose is to improve business production operations through optimized application and implementation of information technology and best management practices.
MESA provides a variety of programs and events that help manufacturers better understand what is possible in terms of information technology to improve profitability, business value, agility, and customer satisfaction to engage "best practices" to see what other manufacturers have done to be successful and to approach investment decisions in technology, and learn how to be more successful with technology deployment.
MESA Expands to the Asia-Pacific
Responding to increased interest from the Asia-Pacific, MESA has put in place a program to expand in APAC under the leadership of Greg Johnson from Schneider Electric. The committee and working groups also includes representatives from vendors Siemens, Invensys and GE Fanuc, consultants and integrators and a range of end-users.
John Dyck, MESA International Board Chairman said, “MESA is at the centre of a space that is getting significant attention, especially given the current state of the economy and the performance pressures that companies are facing.  We are very excited that MESA is spreading its coverage to the Asia-Pacific.”
MESA APAC will be launching several initiatives in the near future including a baseline survey, a webinar and a one day conference in Australia in 2010.
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