2009 marked a significant turning point for PRIMA ELECTRONICS S.p.A. (

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Early this year the company completed the integration of OSAI—a process begun in 2007 with acquisition of 100 percent of the company’s shareholdings—now an integral part of PRIMA ELECTRONICS. As a member company of PRIMA INDUSTRIE Group S.p.A. (, with more than 30 years experience in developing electronic solutions for diversified applications, the company is the largest Italian manufacturer of computer numerical control (CNC) systems.

PRIMA ELECTRONICS is “fine-tuned” for customers in areas that constitute OSAI’s traditional strengths of wood, glass and stone processing tools, which is a development strategy for CNC products that makes use of skills in a sector that is a benchmark in motion control. The company boasts state-of-the-art technologies and an advanced software development center.

OSAI possesses the quality standards and the industrialization capacity to compete in international markets. Personal relationships with customers and the availability of qualified consultants to address application problems are provided to end users.

OPENcontrol (OSAI Prima Electronics Network Control) is a new-generation hardware and software platform for automation and motion control products linked in a single network.  The product line consists of solutions for diverse applications—from OPENBasic, a low-priced compact programmable logic controller (PLC) to the sophisticated Numerical Control for complete manufacturing processes. OPENcontrol will stand alongside and supersede current products, maintaining leadership in the wood, glass and stone markets and introducing new applications worldwide. 

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