Wonderware Rolls Out Latest Manufacturing Performance Software Enhancement

Performance Software 3.5 integrates technology gained through the Cimnet acquisition.

Wonderware (www.wonderware.com), a Lake Forest, Calif.-based business unit of Invensys, announced on Jan. 12 the release of Performance Software 3.5, the newest evolution of its equipment downtime and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) software, and an integrated module of the Wonderware manufacturing execution system (MES) and supervisory software solution.

Performance Software 3.5 features an Invensys ArchestrA technology-based configuration and visualization. More than a point solution for downtime and OEE tracking, it is part of a unified supervisory and manufacturing execution system (MES) that can evolve as a customer's MES requirements grow.

“When Wonderware acquired Cimnet, a key part of the strategy was to integrate the Cimnet Factelligence MES functionality with the Wonderware System Platform to unlock ArchestrA’s scalability and extensibility benefits to customers needing to monitor equipment downtime and OEE,” said Jim Frider, marketing manager for Wonderware. “This has now been accomplished with Performance Software 3.5. As part of this release, Wonderware also is providing software migration tools and commercial upgrade paths to customers who have utilized previous Wonderware OEE offerings such as DT Analyst and Equipment Performance Module.”

New object

The software includes a new Utilization Capability Object that enables configuring equipment monitoring strategies that can be rapidly deployed in multiple instances for new applications. Monitoring strategies can be standardized to enable effective line comparisons. In addition, system development costs are minimized due to significant reuse of applications engineering.

In addition, new ArchestrA graphic templates developed for downtime, OEE and production help reduce system development and enable customization of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) graphic displays within the InTouch 10.0 human-machine interface (HMI) environment.

“Wonderware Performance Software 3.5 provides tight integration with the Wonderware System Platform that enables us to take advantage of System Platform’s core strengths including developing functionality in a modular fashion and rolling out solutions in a controlled, repeatable manner,” said Robert Peters, chief executive officer at ASECO Integrated Systems, a Wonderware Certified Systems Integration Partner based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. “The software has reduced the engineering effort required for ASECO to develop performance management solutions and simplifies maintenance and support for our customers. We see the combination of Wonderware Performance Software 3.5 and System Platform as hitting the sweet spot between real-time performance metrics and manufacturing intelligence."


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