C&D Robotics Acquired

The assets of C&D Robotics Inc., a Beaumont, Texas, manufacturer and integrator of gantry robots, have been acquired by Euroimpianti SpA, located in Schio, Italy, a provider of automated end-of-line palletizing systems, with installations in more than 40 countries.

The combined company, called C&D Skilled Robotics Inc. (www.skilledrobots.com), will continue to design, manufacture, and service gantry palletizing systems as well as offer its “Skilled” line of articulated arm robots, SCARA robots, and laser guided vehicles (LGV’s) from its primary locations in Beaumont, Texas and Schio, Italy. The combined revenues of the companies are expected to be $31 million dollars or more for 2008.

C&D Skilled Robotics Inc.
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