WirelessHart Gets IEC Approval

The WirelessHart Communication Specification (Hart 7.1) has been approved by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as a Publicly Available Specification (IEC/PAS 62591Ed. 1).

The National Committees of 29 separate countries participated in the approval ballot, which was completed on Sept. 19. WirelessHart, which was released by the Hart Communication Foundation (HCF, www.hartcomm.org) in September 2007, is the first industrial wireless communication technology to achieve this level of international recognition.

“This recognition is a landmark for the process automation industry. WirelessHart Communication fulfills the long-demanded goal of global users for a single wireless communication standard that the major automation suppliers support and that has international status,” says HCF Executive Director Ron Helson. “This positive endorsement by the IEC international standards body assures that, just as they have with the 26 million Hart devices installed worldwide, users can purchase and implement WirelessHart-based products with equal confidence.”

Hart Communication Foundation, HCF

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