On the Show Floor...

AW editors caught up with attendees at the show and found positive feedback about new products, exhibits and workshops.

Dr. Bill Goble, exida LLC.
Dr. Bill Goble, exida LLC.

“Best event ever—with more workshops than ever before.” Dr. Bill Goble, exida LLC.



“Great event! Good place to learn more about DeltaV.” Steve Sampaio, Praxair Inc.



“First time here and it was definitely worth the trip.” Alan Polk, Ciba Corp.



“Gets better each year, and the exhibits are excellent.” Reginald Luoma, Suncor Energy Inc. (left). “Really well organized, especially when you consider the nearly overwhelming number of sessions.” Derrick Trottier, Suncor (right).



“Great range of new products—I was impressed with the wireless installations networked around the Gaylord.” Jim Davis, Shaw Industries Inc.(left). “I found a lot of good information here.” Jay Chilton, Shaw (right).




“The information exchange is excellent, and so is the networking. It’s been a great way to find about a lot of new things.” Carol Pulliam, Eli Lilly.

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