Profi Standardization Activities

A number of standardization activities are progressing with Profi technology. Here’s a breakdown of the completed, ongoing and new activities in standardization:

Completed activities:

  • Profibus in IEC 61158 Ed. 4 and IEC 61784-1
  • Profinet (IO and CBA) in IEC 61158 Ed. 4 and IEC 61784-1/-2
  • Profidrive in IEC 61800-7 (generic drive interface)
  • Profisafe in IEC 61784-3-3 (functional safety)
  • Profinet Security in IEC 62443 (available as PAS document)
  • ISA 61804-series FBs for process control and EDDL (adopted from IEC)
    o ISA/TR 61804-4 EDDL guideline
    o ISA 61804-3 EDDL with enhancements of the ECT (EDDL Cooperation Team) Phase 1

Ongoing activities:

  • Profinet Security in ISA SP99 and IEC 61784-4
  • Profinet and Profibus installation guide in IEC 61918 and IEC 61784-5-3
  • Profile ”Low Voltage Switch Gear” in IEC 61915
  • PTCP for Profinet I/O in IEEE 1588 V2 and IEEE 802.1as
  • MRP for Profinet I/O in IEC 62439 (high availability)

New activities:

  • Wireless Sensor Actuator Network in ISA SP100
  • I/O-Link in IEC




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