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Gauge Cyber-security Vulnerability

Wurldtech says its newly launched database can help industrial companies identify cyber-security risks and make better decisions to protect their operations.

Wurldtech Security Technologies Inc., a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based provider of cyber-security solutions to vendors and operators of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), process control and mission-critical systems worldwide, has announced the launch of Delphi. It is said to be the industry’s first cyber-security vulnerability database for industrial control systems. The company also announced its Achilles Industrial Cyber-Security Health Check program.

Delphi is designed to provide vendors, operators, system integrators and service providers visibility into the reliability, safety and security of the systems and networks essential to the operation of the world’s critical infrastructure.

“We understand the unique security challenges facing the industrial automation industry today, particularly when attempting to address the issue of securing legacy industrial control systems,” stated Tyler Williams, president and chief executive officer of Wurldtech. “Our mission is to provide meaningful cyber-security solutions to safeguard the integrity of critical industrial automation and we are proud to announce Delphi, yet another tool to help our customers accurately identify real risks and make better-informed decisions to protect their industrial operations.”

Risky business

As cyber-security risks increase in frequency, severity and sophistication, the process of managing the security of SCADA and process control systems is becoming extremely difficult. Currently, security solutions for legacy industrial control systems are delivered through a small number of companies and disparate commercial products from different vendors lacking integration and interoperability. The end result, according to Wurldtech, is a high degree of complexity, increased operational costs, limited visibility and reliance on inappropriate data to make critical security decisions. For a majority of industrial organizations, the outcome is a weak security risk profile—an insecure network infrastructure, incomplete regulatory compliance, security audit failures and increased security management costs that are not in line with business objectives.

"A major industry challenge is the lack of known specific security risks that could impact the reliability and/or availability of industrial control systems," said Joe Weiss of Applied Control Solutions LLC. "Databases such as Delphi can provide a valuable source of information from which to plan, develop and deploy the appropriate security solutions for the unique requirements of industrial operations."

By leveraging its Achilles Security Analysis Platform, Wurldtech says it is able to create a comprehensive database of known and unknown risk profiles for industrial control systems to serve as a knowledge base to guide operators, integrators, and industrial professionals as they implement security plans and strategies. Delphi empowers operators to answer questions such as, “How secure am I?"; "Where should I focus my resources?"; and "Am I doing everything I can to protect my enterprise?". This intellectual property includes a repository of new signatures, vulnerabilities, safeguards and response guidance, and is regularly updated from “the largest and most comprehensive collection of security intelligence available.”

Are you ready?

The Achilles Health Check is designed to provide a quick assessment of current cyber-security readiness according to industry leading methodology and recommended practices, in addition to providing a blueprint for future security implementations. The Achilles Health Check provides a rapid evaluation of the cyber-security vulnerabilities and exposure risk of SCADA and process control systems by testing against industry standards and recommended practices.

By leveraging the testing technology of the Achilles evaluation platform, the Achilles Health Check includes a core set of tests designed to identify actual cyber-risk profiles unique to each system. The key component of the Achilles Health Check is its ability to help establish priorities for a targeted security program based on actual risk exposures, empowering operators with a more meaningful method to plan industrial security strategies and programs.

As part of the Achilles Health Check, Wurldtech is also rolling out a partner program and is actively working with industrial security service providers and consultants. Various partnership levels and pricing models are available.

Wurldtech Security Technologies Inc.

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