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MCAA Launches Annual Three-Year Market Forecast

The inaugural annual market forecast from the Measurement, Control & Automaton Association projects U.S. and Canadian growth rates.

Courtesy: Measurement, Control & Automation Association
Courtesy: Measurement, Control & Automation Association

The market for 12 categories of instrumentation and systems products used in industrial process control and factory automation is projected to grow at 3.6 percent and 4.2 percent annually in the United States and Canada, respectively, over the next three years.  

Four products are forecast to grow faster than the average in both regions—Electronic Flowmeters, Pressure Instruments, Remote I/O and Electronic Level Sensing. The oil and gas, utility power, refining, and biopharmaceuticals segments will have above average growth in both the United States and Canada over the forecast period. 

These are among the findings of a recent report commissioned by the Measurement, Control & Automation Association (MCAA), a Williamsburg, Va.-based trade association representing manufacturers and distributors.  

The the inaugural version of the report, called the “MCAA Annual Market Forecast for Process Instrumentation and Automation in the United States and Canada,” reports the current year annual market value and the three-year future annual market forecast for 12 MCAA product categories and 12 Industry segments.  

The product segments are Gas Analytical Instruments, Liquid Analytical Instruments, Pressure Instruments, Electronic Flowmeters, Mechanical Flowmeters/Primary Elements, Electronic Level, Mechanical Level/Tank Gauging, Temperature Instruments, Control Systems, Remote I/O, Data Acquisition Systems, Final Control Devices.  

Market sizes 

The report puts the 2006 total market value for the twelve product categories at $6.7 billion for the United States and $784 million for Canada. Also included in the report are discussions of the trends in two emerging technologies, Wireless Transmitters and Fieldbus.  

The Industry segments used in the report are Oil & Gas (Production and Transmission), Petroleum Refining, Chemicals, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Electric Utilities, Municipal Water & WasteWater, Primary Metals, Mining, Stone, Clay and Glass, and All Other (Semiconductor, Textiles, and others). 

In addition, the MCAA report provides a Global Foresight Group ReMaP Assessment for the United States and Canada. The ReMaP Assessment provides the past three-year growth rates in the market potential between selected product and regions within the United States and Canada. 

In the United States, the ReMaP assessment shows the 2003 annual market value (base year) and the regional annual percent growth by industry segment over the three-year period, 2003 to 2006. Canadian results show the distribution of the 2006 market value and future reports will build a historical base for the Canadian market. 

Regional differences 

In the United States, several regional variations in growth rates stand out in the period 2003 to 2006. For example, in the Northeast, the market for Field Instruments grew above average in the Petroleum Group (Oil & Gas and Refining) due to the increased activity in oil and gas drilling and refining in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. A more detailed discussion of changes in the five United States regional markets is included in the full report. 

Global Foresight Group Rasmusson & Willey LLC prepared the report for the MCAA members, which they receive at no cost within their membership. The Canadian Process Control Association members will also be able to obtain a copy of the report. Non-members of the Association can purchase the report for $2,000 from MCAA. Those interested in purchasing the report should call the MCAA offices at 757-258-3100.
Measurement, Control & Automation Association


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