Siemens Switzerland Acquires Ingecom Active Tag RFID Technology

Siemens Switzerland has selected the Active Tag technology from Ingecom ( as a base to build up its new radio frequency identification product line.

Under terms of the agreement, Ingecom transfers the intellectual property (IP) rights and know-how to Siemens, but still maintains development and sales rights of the product.

The active tag market is considered to be an emerging market in the RFID arena. The technology developed by Ingecom and brought jointly to the market is said to be a step improvement compared to the traditional products found today on the market. “ We find this technology suitable for many of our customer bases—particularly for asset tracking and people tracking applications,” says Zeno Staemmer, business development manager at Siemens. “By the acquisition of this technology, we are building a product line that shall be globally introduced to the markets.”

The Ingecom technology has been evaluated and benchmarked against competing solutions, and has proven to be more power-effective with a longer reading distance and a greater number of connecting nodes, says an Ingecom press release. Those advantages would be useless if the cost of the product was not also in the favor of Ingecom’s technology, and the operating frequency not available as license-free worldwide. The connection time is very low and allows for automatic real time data transmission of the information, crucial to generate reports and trigger alerts, Ingecom says.

“We are very pleased about the collaboration between both companies; the engineers are prepared to work together toward one common target. New applications are emerging with the best knowledge from both parts. This is a key
factor of success for a long-term relationship and a well-positioned product range. With this agreement we have again shown our ability to supply RFID products with features above the average,” says Olivier Desjeux, chief executive
officer for Ingecom, in Switzerland.

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