Honeywell Acquires Enraf

Honeywell Process Solutions ( announced recently that it has purchased Enraf Holding B.V. from Delft Instruments, of Delft, The Netherlands, for approximately $260 million. The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals.

The six groups within Enraf are: Enraf Terminal Automation (precision measurement systems and software for tank storage companies), Enraf Calibron Systems (small-volume provers and liquid density meters), Enraf Contrec Ltd. (fuel management systems used by the petrochemical industry at bulk tank storage sites), Enraf Fluid Technology (custom-engineered explosion-proof precision blending and additive metering equipment), Enraf Marine Systems (level measurement systems for marine applications) and Enraf Tanksystem SA (mobile precision level measurement systems used on board ships).

Jack Bolick, HPS president, told Automation World that this acquisition fits within his overall strategy for building Honeywell’s business during his five-year tenure. He adds that the company has been strong in the top-end software area and he has been building downward toward the field. Witness the partnership with Germany-based Krohne, announced during the User Group conference in mid-June, giving the company strength in flowmeters. The Enraf acquisition adds strength to level measurement.

Is Honeywell corporate interested in the process business? “Obviously,” says Bolick, “or they wouldn’t have given me this much money for an acquisition.” Bolick also says, “We’re not just another DCS company,” and acknowledges that Honeywell’s sales process is moving more toward a solutions sell and not just component sales.

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