Reader Feedback

Dear Mr. Mintchell,  I read your article “Creative or Efficient” (Automation World, February, p. 6) and am in total agreement with you. I set a rule for myself years ago that simply states “no hand coding.” I use all high level programming tools. Flow charts, OPC servers, data historians, programs that automate Excel spreadsheets, serve out Web pages and so on. Never wrote a single line of C++, Visual Basic or HTML. Too hard to maintain, too hard to debug. Anyone that knows the basics can understand and maintain the systems I design.

I resisted the ego trip to go down the C++ road years ago and am very happy I did. That was a tough one because “I wanted to be cool!”

So the tools are here today to automate anything without the need for low level programming tools. I challenge your readers to come up with one automation design that proves the former sentence wrong.

Jock Stucki

Maintenance Engineer
Wabash Plastics, Inc.
Evansville, Ind.

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