DCS Takes New Shape

Vertical module stacking on new Honeywell Distributed Control System design boosts input/output, enhances cooling.

R300 modules are mounted individually?EUR'stacked vertically and positioned on a slant?EUR'a design that allows more I/O in a sm
R300 modules are mounted individually?EUR"stacked vertically and positioned on a slant?EUR"a design that allows more I/O in a sm

The latest hardware release of Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) from Phoenix-based Honeywell Process Solutions, dubbed R300, features a new look for the shape of Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Eschewing the traditional horizontal, rack-based design, R300 modules are mounted individually—meant to be stacked vertically and positioned on a slant. This design actually allows for more input/output (I/O) points in a smaller space while enhancing thermal convection within an enclosure, which helps keep heat levels lower than with traditional designs.

Communication among modules is accomplished with a redundant, fault-tolerant Ethernet network. In addition to I/O modules, other modules in the family include a network gateway with a built-in firewall designed so that technicians can install it without special networking training. Also included are a controller module and Fieldbus Interface Module.

“Honeywell Process Solutions is moving back to the basics in process control with this new platform,” states Jack Bolick, president. “This platform demonstrates how we are bringing innovation back to the company. The R300 takes up less space, consumes less power and offers greater cyber security than anything we’ve had before. This platform will take us forward into new growth opportunities.”

Other R300 features include:

• An additional cyber security layer to Experion’s High Security Network Architecture, the Experion Control Firewall, which further protects the controller network against message flooding and denial of service attacks.

• A “Backup and Restore” automated system that provides automated disaster recovery—allowing customers to recover and restore their failed nodes in less than an hour.

• Enhanced procedural operations that help reduce shutdown and start-up incidents by capturing and implementing best work practices.

• Seamless integration with Honeywell TDC and TPS control systems, HART, Foundation Fieldbus, ProfiBus and Honeywell’s Safety Manager.

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