EZI/O Modules Provide Flexibility at Low Price

Designed with modularity in mind, EZAutomation’s EZI/O Modules can be used with all models of AVG’s EZPLC, EZTouchPLC, and EZTextPLC.

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Available in a wide variety of options, including digital or 12-bit analog I/O, high speed counter, relay and DC/AC combos, EZI/O Modules feature an 8-point small footprint, yet are extremely powerful, modular and flexible. EZI/O modules measure a compact, 2-by-2-by-1 inch in size.

Pricing on these modules is extremely attractive. Users who need lots of analog I/O will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars using EZI/O, according to AVG. A 4 analog input/4 analog output EZI/O Module with 12-bit analog resolution is priced at $99. Pricing starts at $19 for any of a variety of flexible DC in/DC out modules.

EZI/O Modules include status LED indicator lights on every channel to help in troubleshoot and debug field wiring, and come with male headers to accommodate 11-point removable Phoenix terminal blocks for ease of wiring. Other features include:

• all digital I/O optically isolated

• thermocouple inputs

• 24-bit high speed counter and PLS

• Up to Two 60KHz Quadrature inputs and 2 PLS outputs for each encoder with 100 microsecond response time

• Up to One 100KHz Quadrature input with 4 PLS outputs, 100 microsecond response time

• interrupt modules for a total of 40 microsecond throughput

• DC outputs 24VDC at 0.5 Amp short circuit proof

• AC outputs 120VAC at 1 Amp

• Relay outputs 200V at 1 Amp

• Analog modules 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 12 bit

• All EZIO modules snap onto the base

• 4 in/4 out wide variety of “mix-n-match” I/O modules.

EZI/O Modules are available from EZAutomation, a new direct sales division of AVG Automation. To order EZI/O Modules—or to order the 340-page EZAutomation catalog that lists some 400 automation products—visit the Web site or call the phone number listed below.

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