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EZTextPLC Fits Bill for Small, Text-based Control

For users in need of small control systems that require a text type display, the EZTextPLC from EZAutomation fits the bill.


By combining the base of EZPLC with EZText operator interface in one highly integrated package, the EZTextPLC eliminates the need to buy and install a PLC and operator interface separately. The result is a savings of up to 35 percent on panel space in a solution that is extremely cost-effective.

The EZTextPLC offers a choice of five operator interfaces that feature combinations of LCD or Vacuum Fluorescent displays with user-defined pushbuttons, control buttons and numeric keypads. EZTextPLC’s are packaged in an incredibly compact housing measuring 7.4-by-5.0-by-2.6 inches or 10.0-by-5.0-by-2.6 inches for models that include numeric keypads.

With models starting at $348 for a 32 digital I/O system (16 digital in/16 digital out), the EZTextPLC is built to compete in the market of embedded controllers without the hassle of C level programming or proprietary microprocessor boards. EZTextPLC uses EZAutomation’s EZI/O modules for I/O (starting at $19 for 8 digital out), which can be chosen from a large variety of options, including analog I/O (starting at $99 for 8 point Analog In), high speed counter, relay and AC/DC combo modules.

While most competitive Micro PLCs are limited to 8kbyte to 16kbyte of memory, the EZTextPLC’s 64kbyte program memory ups the ante, enabling storage of up to 2,000 messages or 500 (20-variable) recipes, and up to 10,000 four-variable data points can be collected. The EZTextPLC uses two processors—one for handling the PLC and its I/O, and a co-processor for handling HMI functions. This produces outstanding Micro PLC performance levels, with scantime specifications rivaling those of some of the fastest full-blown PLCs. The EZTextPLC’s communication capability is also notable for its class, with built-in RS422/485 port and DeviceNet, Profibus and Ethernet options.

EZTextPLC pricing starts at $272 for a model with a 2-line-by-20-character LCD, five user-defined pushbuttons and four control pushbuttons. Pricing starts at $442 for a model with 2-line-by-20-character vacuum fluorescent display with numeric keypad, five user defined pushbuttons and four control buttons.

The EZTextPLC is available from EZAutomation, a new direct sales division of AVG Automation. To order EZTextPLC—or to order the 340-page EZAutomation catalog that lists some 400 automation products—visit the Web site or call the phone number listed below.

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