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EZPanel Enhanced Adds New Features That Users Want

Building on the success of its popular, four-year-old EZTouch operator interface panel, AVG Automation has introduced the EZPanel Enhanced, which offers all of the features of the EZTouch, and more.

EZPanel Enhanced
EZPanel Enhanced

The EZPanel Enhanced touch panel maintains the easy programmability and low price that customers like most about the EZTouch. In fact, with pricing starting at $399, EZPanel Enhanced actually costs less than comparable EZTouch models. And based on feedback from customers, the EZPanel Enhanced also provides a range of new features, including 12 new drivers and enhanced programming software.

The expanded list of drivers enables easy connectivity from EZPanel Enhanced to a broad list of popular PLCs, from vendors including Allen-Bradley, Aromat, AutomationDirect, Control Techniques, Control Technology Corp., GE, Idec, Omron, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Siemens, Square D and Texas Instruments, as well as AVG’s own EZPLC. In line with customer requests, enhanced drivers for Allen-Bradley models include string support.

The EZTouch has long been one of the easiest operator interface panels to program, and the EZPanel Enhanced adds additional, new programming software features requested by customers. These include: overlapping of objects; free sizing of touch objects; pick and apply styles; display of tag address on objects; support for importing JPEG, GIF and ICO image formats; and a new, 4,000-symbol library.

The EZPanel Enhanced is available in 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-in and 15-inch sizes in 10 basic models. Pricing starts at $399 for a 6-inch Slim Bezel White-on-Blue model. Pricing for a 15-inch Slim Bezel TFT Color model starts at $2,499.

EZPanel Enhanced is available from EZAutomation, a new direct sales division of AVG Automation. To order EZPanel Enhanced—or to order the 340-page EZAutomation catalog that lists some 400 automation products—visit the Web site or call the phone number listed below.

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