T?V Certifies CANopen Safety Chip

The TÜV Rhineland Group has certified the CANopen Safety Chip (CSC01), which was developed by a consortium. The chip is compliant to SIL 3 (safety integrity level) in accordance to IEC 61508, and to SK 4 (safety class) in accordance to EN 954-1.

It is based on the M306AFGTFP step D 16-bit microcontroller by Tokyo-based Renesas Technology Corp. (www.renesas.com) featuring two independent on-chip CAN modules that are used to achieve redundancy. The CAN transceiver and the CAN cable are not redundant. The external circuitry (CAN transceiver, watchdog and the like) is not part of the certification.

The CANopen Safety Chip is a single-processor implementation that is designed for simple sensor and actuator applications, but may also be used as a safety-relevant communication processor for more complex devices.

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