Xycom Spins Off VME Business

Monroe PMP (www.monroeengineering.com), Auburn Hills, Mich., with the support of partner, Saline Lectronics (www.lectronics.net), in Saline, Mich., has acquired the net assets related to the VME business unit of Xycom Automation Inc.

(www.xycom.com), also based in Saline, Mich. The related purchase agreement includes the right to design, manufacture, maintain, market and sell the complete XVME product line. Saline Lectronics, Xycom Automation’s former VME contract board manufacturer, currently manufactures 95 percent of Xycom’s VME product.

Although it is no longer owned by Xycom Automation, the VME business unit will be called “Xycom VME,” which will be run by Jerry Tubbs and supported by the core people of the former embedded business unit. Tubbs was the business unit manager of Xycom Automation’s Embedded Systems Group.

Xycom VME provides equipment manufacturers with board-level microcomputers and input/output solutions used in machine control, test and data acquisition, medical equipment, automotive test and assembly, robots, scanning equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, military systems, industrial welders, power generation and high-speed packaging applications.

Nicholas Gihl, Xycom Automation president, explains, “The sale of the Xycom VME business unit to Monroe PMP allows Xycom to redirect resources to its core product lines of industrial computers, flat panel monitors and operator interface products, yet provided us the ability to transition the VME business to an entity that is not only planning on maintaining the VME product line but looking forward to enhancing it.”

Tubbs adds “This transaction is a positive move for the Xycom VME team and will allow us to be a 100 percent focused VME and embedded manufacturing company. This new entity brings direct manufacturing facilities and capabilities back to the Xycom VME group.”

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