Name, Structure Change for Honeywell Group

Nov. 20, 2003
Name change to Honeywell Process Solutions reflects renewed commitment to process automation.

Honeywell Industry Solutions, in a move to better reflect its business, has changed its name to Honeywell Process Solutions, and has integrated the Industrial Service group back into the organization. Honeywell Process Solutions is part of Honeywell’s $8 billion global Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) group, which also includes sensors, switches, control products and home, security and building controls.

Jack Bolick, who became president of Industry Solutions in October 2002, continues to lead the newly named business. An industrial engineer by degree, Bolick joined the Honeywell organization in 1998 and has extensive experience in semiconductor manufacturing.

In comments to editors during the recent ISA Show in Houston, Bolick seemed genuinely upbeat about the changes. “We take data from the field and convert it into information,” said Bolick. “But two pieces didn’t fit. First, we weren’t spending our research and development dollars well. And second, we broke after-market services off from our main business.” Over the past few years, says Bolick, the corporate organization has renewed its commitment to process automation, with focused research and development spending on Experion PKS. “The business is not for sale,” he states emphatically.

Customer facing

Erik Rasmussen, public relations manager at Honeywell Process Solutions, notes, “Before Jack came on board, we had been organized in a vertical structure, focused on vertical markets.” The after-market service organization was separate from Industry Solutions.

According to Rasmussen, after-market services to the Industry Solutions customers totaled $495 million in 2002. “We found that our customers wanted to get everything they needed from one organization.” The reintegration of services into Process Solutions accomplishes that goal, as Bolick puts it, “One technology platform, one global organization.”

While 90 percent of the day-to-day business stays the same, this internal organizational shift puts the right face in front of the customer, says Rasmussen. The combined organization projects 2003 revenues of approximately $1.5 billion, with about 80 percent of that comprised of project services and after-market services.

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