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Loop Tuning & Control Strategy Classes

ControlSoft, the award-winning, innovative leader in advanced process controls, announces its next four training classes.

Designed for engineers and technicians, the classes cover basic terminology and building blocks of process control as well as fundamentals and advanced process control techniques using ControlSoft's fully automated control solutions. This is generic PID loop tuning and advanced strategy training; the skills that the students learn will work with any control system.

Software is used to do simulation exercises during class, but this is not a product training class. Professional engineers earn 7.5 continuing education credit hours per day.

PID Loop Tuning Classes for Fall-Winter 2011-12
* Dallas - Wed., October 12, 2011
* Seattle - Wed., November 9, 2011
* Philadelphia - Wed., December 7, 2011
* Houston - Wed., February 1, 2012

Process Control Strategy Classes for Fall-Winter 2011-12
[Day #1 of the 2-day class includes the PID Loop Tuning training.]
* Dallas - Wed.-Thurs., October 12-13, 2011
* Seattle - Wed.-Thurs., November 9-10, 2011
* Philadelphia - Wed.-Thurs., December 7-8, 2011
* Houston - Wed., February 1-2, 2012

To ensure maximum content, all classes are taught by instructors with many years of experience in the industry. All the instructors are exceptionally knowledgeable in the subject matter, and explain things as they pertain to the real world environment.

Students learn to:
**Solve process problems before they occur
**Breeze through difficult applications
**Improve production and quality **Minimize downtime
**Increase profitability

Professionals who attended past classes give enthusiastic reviews on the technological content and method ( Especially popular with attendees are copies of the training software and simulations they may use for 60 days. Go to for full course descriptions.

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