Accelerated Processing Unit Unveiled

May 21, 2012
The AMD R-Series APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) is designed to efficiently handle advanced multimedia and computational workloads.

The AMD Embedded R-Series platform delivers high-performance processing coupled with a premium high-definition visual experience in a solution that is still power efficient. Enabling unprecedented integrated graphics and multi-display capabilities in embedded applications that can be compact and low power.

With average power below 13 Watts5 and discrete-class AMD Radeon graphics performance integrated into the AMD R-Series APU, applications that previously required a discrete graphics card can be developed in smaller form factors with lower power and cost. The third generation Unified Video Decoder the AMD R-Series APU enables the delivery of crisp and clear video for ad content, instructional materials, or live teleconferencing. For more demanding graphics applications, AMD Radeon Dual Graphics technology2 can combine the processing power of AMD R-Series APUs and AMD Radeon Embedded 6000 Series GPUs to more than double graphics performance3 compared to using discrete graphics alone.

The Innovative CPU architecture integrates dedicated resources that deliver exceptional performance, with shared resources that reduce power consumption and die space. And through AMD Turbo CORE 3 technology the power being consumed by the APU is allocated to accomplish the work at hand, helping to minimize unnecessary system optimization by automatically delivering an optimized balance between performance and power consumption.

With between 128 and 384 compute units delivering a calculated 172 to 563 SP GFLOPs7 of performance, the AMD R-Series APUs help enable a wide range of compute intensive applications to be built that are low power and fit into small form factors. It’s support for Open CL helps make it easier to take advantage of a substantial increase in performance, for applications that can leverage parallel processing.

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