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Cogent’s Web HMI Allows Unlimited Data and Clients; View a Live Demo

Cogent Real-Time Systems offers two innovative technologies, Cogent DataHub® and DataHub® WebView™, yielding a powerful, easy-to-use web-based HMI with unlimited data and client connections, priced at under $3,000.

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DataHub WebView merges Microsoft® Silverlight® technology with the Cogent DataHub's real-time data integration platform to create a high-performance, user-friendly, web-based HMI. Solving the problems of speed, graphics quality, and high-priced client connections, DataHub WebView rivals traditional desktop HMI applications, without their limitations.

Now you can connect to virtually any new or existing system—OPC-enabled hardware and processes, SCADA, databases, spreadsheets, text files, and more—without disturbing current investments or infrastructure. There is no coding or compiling, just one-click deployment. Page designers just need to point and click, make edits, and save the changes from anywhere on the Internet. 

Users see gauges, trends, and other controls update in real time within an event-driven architecture, so nothing is lost in a slow polling cycle. The Cogent DataHub can connect to tens of thousands of data points, process thousands of data changes per second, and make hundreds of simultaneous web browser connections. There are no artificial limits on the number of data tags or client connections.

More information and a live, online demo of DataHub WebView can be found by visiting

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