SCADA Across Four Displays: Progea Validates Matrox Graphics Cards

June 6, 2012
Matrox Graphics Inc. today announced a partnership with Progea, after M-Series multi-display graphics cards were validated on the software original equipment manufacturer’s latest SCADA platform, Movicon 11.

Matrox Graphics Inc. announced a partnership with Progea, a 20-year-old maker of software for visualization, data acquisition, and management for industrial automation, after Progea validated Matrox M-Series multi-display graphics cards for use with its latest SCADA platform, Movicon 11.

Ron Berty, Matrox business development manager, said, "M-Series cards deliver exceptional graphics and pristine image quality for enhanced multi-display efficiency, while Movicon 11 guarantees continuous production process information flow in real time. Combined, they yield a versatile SCADA/HMI supervision solution across up to four displays for use within process control, energy production, and T&D sectors, and other mission-critical environments. We're excited by the news that Progea has successfully tested M-Series cards alongside Movicon 11 to yield a premier SCADA/HMI solution.

The partnership will undoubtedly prove beneficial to both companies and our customers, added Berty.

Working in conjunction with Movicon 11, M-Series cards reportedly drive fluid visualizations and dynamic animations—even in relation to complex objects and power templates—across multiple high-resolution displays with low CPU utilization. Both offer multi-operating-system support, including that of Microsoft Windows 7.

Matrox M-Series dual, triple, and quad-monitor graphics cards offer low-profile and ATX form factors, native PCI Express x16 performance, and a robust software feature set for multi-display management. Movicon meanwhile sets itself apart as one of the industry’s most scalable, secure, and comprehensive SCADA platforms.
"Matrox M-Series cards have been validated with Movicon, creating the perfect solution for any special or mission-critical application, especially multi-monitor applications in process control, infrastructure, and energy and water treatment," said JeanMarc Willems, Export Manager, Progea International. "Progea is extremely delighted to enter into this partnership as Matrox graphics solutions allow our customers to benefit from superior graphics performance, quality, reliability, and a multitude of multi-display configurations."

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