Eaton’s Bussmann Business Marks 100 Years of Innovation, Reflecting on Industry Legacy, Roots in the St. Louis Region

June 9, 2014
Power management company Eaton is reflecting on a legacy of innovation as its Bussmann business celebrates 100 years of operation.
Power management company Eaton is reflecting on a legacy of innovation as its Bussmann business celebrates 100 years of operation. To commemorate the anniversary, Eaton has planned a series of events and programs designed to engage the local community, customers and employees globally to underscore the division’s history of innovation.
To kick off the anniversary celebrations, Eaton has just unveiled an onsite history museum at the Bussmann headquarters in Ellisville, Missouri, with a timeline that highlights significant milestones in the division’s history. The display includes photos, advertisements and products that date as far back as the company’s inception in 1914. 
The division has also launched a microsite – that serves as a living tribute to the Bussmann centennial. Former and current employees, customers and members of the community can learn more about the evolution of the business, contribute their own stories to help populate the digital archive and hear about upcoming events.
“Eaton’s Bussmann business began in a St. Louis garage in 1914 thanks to the vision of the Bussmann brothers – Joe, Al, Frank, Lee and Harry,” said Ralitza Arafin, director of marketing for Bussmann.  “In the ensuing 100 years, the business has evolved into a global leader for fusible circuit protection. We can call a range of utility and design patents our own, and we offer more than 30,000 critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety products to a variety of markets. It is a legacy that challenges us to drive forward and create the next innovation.” 
Arafin explained that a number of activities are planned throughout the year to recognize Bussmann’s key stakeholders.
For the community, Bussmann is excited to be a sponsor of The City of Ellisville’s Concerts in the Park. The Bussmann-sponsored concert will be held on Thursday, July 31, 2014, and will feature ‘That 80s Band.’ The public is invited to bring family and friends for a festive evening of food and fun in Bluebird Park, Ellisville, Missouri.
Additionally, in October, Bussmann employees will plant 100 trees at St. Louis County’s Queeny Park to symbolize Bussmann’s deep roots in the St. Louis region and its dedication to the division’s future. The 100 oak, red bud and dogwood trees will serve to enhance the landscaping at Queeny Park for years to come. 
“Since its inception, Eaton’s Bussmann business has maintained strong ties to the greater St. Louis community – as an employer and as a corporate citizen with a stake in the region’s future,” added Peter Lugo, vice president and general manager, Eaton’s Bussmann Division.  “We are pleased to include our neighbors and beautify the community in marking this important milestone in our history.”
Eaton’s Bussmann division develops and manufactures critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety products designed to provide innovative circuit and power electronics protection. The Bussmann business serves customers in the industrial, commercial, alternative energy, high reliability and other markets.
>> To learn more about Eaton’s Bussmann business, please click here.  For information on the anniversary, click here.

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