ABB Acquires Control Room Designer

Aug. 24, 2015
Taking its control system/control room collaboration to the next level, ABB has bought up the remaining shares of CGM, a Swedish company specializing in control room design.

As automation suppliers continue to advance the capabilities of control systems to make processes as safe and efficient as possible, it is still the human that presents the greatest hazard. All the more reason to integrate the design of control room environments with the control system itself, helping operators get the right information at the right place, and in a way that will help them succeed.

ABB has long collaborated with CGM, a Swedish company specializing in control room design and ergonomic solutions, incorporating CGM’s expertise into its Extended Operator Workspace (EOW) concept. A few years ago ABB acquired a stake in CGM, and now is taking that integration proposition to the next level, buying up remaining shares of CGM to become its sole shareholder.

The acquisition of CGM will further ABB’s aims at optimized control room design with advanced functionality and improved safety standards. As industrial automation is furthered with smart plants, intelligent machines and networked processes, advanced control room design helps to focus on both the technology and operator efficiency simultaneously.

“By combining ABB's control system with CGM’s control room design and equipment, operators will have the best possible working environment from which to maximize efficiency and productivity,” said Ilpo Ruohonen, managing director of ABB’s Control Technologies business unit. “This offering strengthens our control system portfolio and contributes to the evolving Internet of Things, services and people.”

CGM employs 54 people and is based in Borås and Ryssby, Sweden. CGM will be part of ABB’s Control Technologies business unit.

“We look forward to being an even more integral part of ABB and to contributing our know-how and premium solutions for efficient operator environments,” said Pierre Schäring, CEO of CGM. “By combining control room design with human factor knowledge and the latest control system technologies, we are proud to contribute in providing one of the safest, most intelligent collaboration platforms on the market.”

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