Abaco Systems Announce New 16-Port Serial Controller and XMC Carrier Card to Protect from Obsolescence

Oct. 14, 2021

Abaco Systems announced the PMC523 16-port serial controller and the SPR518 PCI Express ® XMC carrier card. Both provide innovative upgrade paths to protect our customers from obsolescence. The SPR518 and the PMC523 each deliver a necessary and beneficial technology refresh which continues Abaco’s ongoing commitment to innovation at every turn.

The PMC523 is a flexible solution and a technology insertion which integrates multiple serial I/O channels onto single board computers (SBCs) with PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) sites. Its efficient design packages 16 serial channels onto a single PMC. Additionally, this serial controller utilizes dual octal UARTs to increase overall performance through reduction of programmed I/O operations. This provides an evolutionary path for enhanced software and ultimately protects customers who have already designed systems utilizing the previous generation PMC423.

The SPR518 provides an upgrade path for customers by offering a replacement for the existing SPR418A. This card is a short form factor PCI Express (PCIe®) carrier for XMC modules which allows for use with traditional PCs. The PCIe interface provides for unimpeded data transfers at the full rate supported by the mezzanine card and is enhanced by a PCIe Gen3 Redriver. This enhancement allows for safe operation of XMC modules on PCIe mainboards, where previously the SPR418A could only support Gen2.

Pete Thompson, VP of Product Management for Abaco said, “Abaco’s commitment to our customers expands beyond the life cycle of one product, and innovation doesn’t stop after it hits the market. Our team listens to our customers’ needs to develop solutions that will outpace current products and provide an upgrade path to avoid obsolescence in the long run. Both the PMC523 and SPR518 are evidence of that commitment, as they each deliver a clear upgrade path with solutions that will enable our customers to succeed.”

Technical Details

The PMC523 is a 16 port RS-422 serial controller with a PCI bus 2.3 target interface compliant up to a 33 MHz clock with a 32-bit bus. The ports are accessible via a front 68-pin high-density connector or rear I/O via P14. Flow control is either automatic RTS/CTS or DTR/DSR. Xon/Xoff software flow control is automatic as well.

More Information

Data Sheet

The SPR518 is a half-length form factor XMC carrier supporting Gen3 PCI Express. The integrated fan takes no additional space, so SWaP requirements can be easily met. The card provides up to 25W to the XMC site, is stand-alone capable and provides J14 and J16 connectivity.

More Information

Data Sheet

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