Kollmorgen: Global Motors

Jan. 1, 2004
The Kollmorgen AKM motors have an advanced electromagnetic design, are UL and TUV listed and carry the CE mark, making them suitable for global application.

They are available in more than 12,000 standard designs, in seven frame sizes with 25 stack/frame combinations, 77 standard windings and 19 different mounting patterns. The AKM motors include multiple connectivity and feedback options, shaft seals and integral brakes, and offer a continuous torque range from 0.2 to 53 Nm with speeds to 8,000 rpm. The motors are wound with non-overlapping coils, reducing the potential for phase-to-phase shorting. Balanced electromagnetics minimize the side forces and vibration common in unbalanced magnetic designs. The new motors can be coupled with a Kollmorgen S200, S300 or S600 servo drive for a complete servo system.

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