Moore Industries: Wireless Network Module for Field Sites

Jan. 22, 2012
WNM Wireless Network Module sends process signals between remote field sites in rugged or impassable terrain.

A single unit transmits for up to 30 miles and can act as a repeater for additional transmission range. The bi-directional WNM employs Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping technology to avoid interference. Operating at standard operating frequencies of 902-928MHz or 2.4-2.4835GHz, the WNM does not require a regulatory license and can typically be installed without performing costly radio-frequency site surveys. When set in the Smart Switch Ethernet (SSE) mode, the WNM determines the most efficient path of broadcast (including direct to a single radio or to some or all radios in a network) on a packet-by-packet basis. Can be used with the company’s NCS NET Concentrator System, as well as other SCADA and distributed I/O systems.